Places to Visit


Enjoy visiting popular sight-seeing spots around the hotel!


Komoro Castle and its surrounding castle town

Within 5 minute-walk from the Hotel, you can visit the Komoro Castle. The Komoro Castle was built about 300 years ago and it is said to be the only “anajiro” in Japan. The “Anajiro” literally means “a castle in a hole,” meaning a Japanese traditional castle which is located at the higher site than its surrounding castle town.


The area around the Komoro Castle is now called Kaikoen Park which is designated as one of Japan’s Top 100 Sakura View Spots, which is visited by about 40,000 people during its annual Cherry Blossom Festival in April.


From the Kaikoen Park, you can walk to the old castle town area where you can enjoy Japanese old buildings, soba noodle restaurants, Japanese antique shops and so on.

Nunobiki Kannon Temple

Nunobiki Kannon Temple was built about 1,300 years ago. One of the temple buildings is located on the cliff, and you can enjoy about 20 minute walk through mountains to the building. The place is also known as a wonderful cherry blossom and koyo viewing spot.

Karuizawa Outlet Mall (Karuizawa Prince Shopping Plaza)

From Komoro Station, only 25 min. to Karuizawa Station by Shinano Rail Way.


Takamine Highland and Mt. Asama


With 30 minutes by bus or car, you can reach to the entrances of trail to Takamine Highland and Mr. Asama. Takamine Highland is known as Japan’s Top 100 Mountains with Highland Plant and Mt. Asama as Japan’s Top 100 Mountains.